Step Into Your Power

2024 Women’s Mastermind

Calling extraordinary women who are ready to spark their soul fire and ascend to new heights

Does this resonate?


You have a good job, a great family, and a nice home.

But, as you edge into your middle years, a gnawing sense of unfulfillment is settling in.

You feel the deep, untapped potential in you. Potential for joy, unprecedented success, and an abundant, passionate life. It frustrates you that you can’t seem to achieve it and at the same time, you feel guilty for wanting more when you’re already blessed.

It’s exhausting and draining because your day-to-day life takes all your energy, but you feel deeply that you’re called for a bigger mission or you have something big you want to achieve.

Life should feel amazing and you know it and want it, but somehow there is never enough time or energy to achieve the destiny you know you are here on this planet for!

If this rings true, don’t stop reading!


You’re Not Alone!

Welcome to our Sisterhood with a warm virtual hug!

I remember the deep sense of frustration, exhaustion, and losing touch with myself while trying to fit into an image I thought people wanted.

I felt misplaced, living a life that wasn’t truly mine.

Inching ever closer to 40, I was haunted by the fear that I’d peaked and terrified that my dreams (tucked away for ‘someday’) would stay dreams. I craved more – I desperately wanted a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment, but never seemed to make any progress toward it. I felt trapped. 

In my struggle, I blamed my husband, circumstances, and the life we’d built together. I thought burning it all down would help me escape. I didn’t feel like I belonged, so I destroyed it all, hurting myself and others.

But when the dust settled, my unhappiness still lingered. Adrift in despair, I turned to inner work out of desperation. This painful chapter was the start of a transformative journey.

With the help of my own coach, therapist, partner, and a circle of dear girlfriends, I slowly shed societal burdens. I let go of years of conditioning, transforming from the inside out. Eventually, I healed and emerged with a strength and clarity I had never experienced before.  I learned how to access my power, how to live in abundant joy.



I found myself.

I found freedom. I found passion.

Life has never felt better.

Fast Forward to Today

I’ve redirected my coaching from focusing primarily on physical health and wellness to facilitating deeper, more lasting change. Through my journey, I learned that I’m here to guide and support other women on their own transformative journeys, helping them tap into their inner power, cultivate self-love, and create lives filled with purpose, joy, and abundance. I still have a passion for health and wellness and you will find that interwoven through my coaching and programs.

My passion is helping women navigate the path of self-discovery, unlocking the magic within, and creating lasting transformations from the inside out.

Enough about me! 

Without further ado, I welcome you to…

Step Into Your Power: An Exclusive Women’s Transformation Mastermind

This elite program, limited to just a handful of women, is a transformational container designed for those prepared to confront their fears, shatter limiting beliefs, and create a future brimming with radiant joy, abundant health, and unparalleled passion.

Our journey together is a mix of personal exploration and group connection.

To help you break through the deep barriers keeping you from achieving the abundant passionate life you were born for we will have one-on-one coaching sessions where we’ll dive deep into your inner world, nurturing your inner strength and sparking some serious personal growth.  

Every other week, we’ll gather as a group for our mastermind sessions. These masterminds are all about tapping into our collective wisdom, supporting each other, and building strong, nurturing friendships. It’s a space where we hold each other accountable, cheer each other on, and encourage each other to keep growing. It’s about community, connection, and transformation. 

Are You Ready?

Spaces are extremely limited and reserved for those truly ready for a transformation. Are you prepared to step into your power? Schedule a call with me today to claim your place in this exclusive mastermind, and together, let’s redefine what is possible. 


Your time is now. Join us, and let’s ignite the fire within. Step into your power, embrace the journey, and prepare to transform your world.

Our journey begins on July 30th!

What to Expect 

The first day will kick off with an intimate dinner with the other women in the mastermind. Over wine and delicious food, we will bond, and each woman will share her dream,  and her passion and commit to supporting each other in our mutual journey of transformation. 

You will also have your first private one-on-one coaching sessions, where we will delve into the deepest recesses of your being, nurturing your inner strength and inspiring profound personal growth. Here is where we will work to make your Big Goal, your Dream a reality!

In our biweekly group mastermind meetings, we will share collective wisdom and support and enjoy friendships with women who really understand what you feel! Here is where you’ll find the emotional support and connection to help you thrive! 

The Experience

Surrounded by like-minded women, your journey will be fueled by collective wisdom, the power of shared experiences, and the transformative energy of unified intention.

You will be uplifted by the unique strength that comes from knowing others are sharing your path, reflecting on your goals, and supporting your transformation.

A single woman with her mind set on a goal is a powerful force alone, but a group of women united in a common goal is unstoppable

The Outcome

In our sacred circle, you will uncover the path to your highest self and construct a life of freedom, passion, and fulfillment. You will witness the power of the divine feminine, catalyzing monumental change in your life and influencing those around you. Your personal evolution will ripple out, transforming not only your own world but also leaving an indelible impact on those fortunate enough to cross your radiant path.

The Commitment

Step Into Your Power is a beacon, illuminating your path and leading you towards a future where you are free to embody your most authentic self.

This mastermind is not for the faint of heart—it is for women ready to commit, to bring their very best to the table, and immerse themselves in the transformational journey. It is for women ready to invest in themselves, to unlock their potential, and create a future of their design.

How to Join

Spaces are extremely limited and reserved for those truly ready for a transformation. Are you prepared to step into your power?  Schedule a call with me today!

This call is a two-hour deep dive into your dreams, frustrations, and goals, It will allow us both to know if the mastermind is right for you (and if it’s not, the call alone is powerful and can spark lasting change!) 

Your time is now. Join us, and let’s ignite the fire within. Step into your power, embrace the journey and prepare to transform your world.

Quick Action Bonus!

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