Hungry for Total Life Transformation?

Life transformation means stepping into a life brimming with vibrant, effortless health, radiant joy, and abundant passion!

The journey starts with a conversation – but not just any conversation. This is an intimate, two-hour session designed to help you explore your deepest desires, untapped potential, and hidden magic. It’s a life-changing experience! Seize this opportunity to



Dear Friend,

Do you wake up each day with a sense of unease, realizing that life is passing by and you’re not living up to your fullest potential?

You have a successful career, a loving family, but deep down, you crave more meaning, fulfillment, and joy.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to step into a sacred space where you are seen, heard, and deeply understood. A space where your unique struggles are acknowledged, your dreams validated, and your potential ignited and begin your life transformation today!

It’s time to break free from the limitations that hold you back and ignite the flames of transformation with the Soul Fire Transformative Call.

 Coaching is a powerful modality of change, and on its own, this call has the power to spark your transformation! At the same time, it will let us both know if I can continue supporting your transformation and what modality would work best for your unique situation.

You’re not lost.You’re not stuck.You’re just on the brink of rediscovery

Apply for this free transformative, two-hour exploration of your deepest desires, untapped potential.

Hey there, I´m Hannah



I’m a Women’s Life Transformation  Coach. I’m also a certified holistic health coach, author, and mom. 




You know the woman who walks into the room, and her light just seems to shine a little brighter?

The one who carries a certain energy, a radiant joy that seems to bubble over?

I serve the woman who’s ready to be that person! 

The one who’s willing to dig deep, do the hard work, and transform herself from the inside out.

If you’re that woman, if you’re ready to step up and step into the life of your dreams, then you’re exactly who I’m here to serve.


Passion, Joy, and Glowing Health

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Inner Transformation 


what my clients are saying


Photo of Mary - Happy Client

Mary Garber

RN and Mom, Ohio

“More confident in who and where I am now”

I really enjoyed the workshop! It was so fun to meet the other women there and to realize that we all share some of the same challenges. The workshop made me feel a lot more motivated and capable of making the changes I’d like to see in my life, but also more confident in who and where I am now.”

Liz Robinson

Software Engineer and Mom, Colorado

“Highly Recommend”

Hannah’s mastermind was a thought-evoking experience that also combined an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts. Because everyone was open to sharing their thoughts, I gained a different perspective on the important aspects of life that we discussed. I  highly recommend and I really look forward to taking another one!

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July 2023 Mastermind

A transformative women's mastermind, thoughtfully curated for women ready to embody their fullest potential and live lives of radiant joy, abundant health, and eternal passion.

Wellness Retreat

Join us for an intimate retreat in Santa Fe in October 2023! Awaken your wellness, reignite your spirit, and embrace deep healing and relaxation.

In every woman lies the echo of creation, an untamed power waiting to be recognized and harnessed.

Hannah Diaz

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