Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can  – Danny Kaye

I love this quote.

It is exuberant! Throwing paint at a canvas reminds me that I don’t have to be perfect and that life can be messy and beautiful but should definitely be LIVED! We should all be Living a Full Life!

I put this quote up as a screensaver on my phone so that I would see it daily because I think it’s really easy to forget to throw our paint with all its colors and splashes on life.

Take the chance.

Make the mess.


Don’t just dabble in a little safe corner with some neutrals that no one will notice. 

My biggest fear is waking up one day at the end of my life and discovering I slept-walked through it.

Or that I passed up on opportunities, risks and joys and let dull routines, unconscious habits, and other people’s expectations steal my precious seconds, hours, and days and ultimately – all the years of my life.

My greatest desire is to be satisfied that I tasted the best life had to offer, that I embraced the adventures, pleasures, joys and even the pain of the human experience.

This desire fuels my passion for health and wellness. When I have energy and strength, I make choices that seem small but are key to living that fully expressed, best version of life I passionately desire. I take the hike, meet a friend, go on the trip, try a new hobby… you get the idea.

When my head is fuzzy, my thoughts sluggish, and my body slow and tired, I am more likely to spend my free time on the sofa watching junk tv shows or numbly scrolling social media.

The enormous difference feeling good makes in the quality of my life is the reason I am passionate about holistic health – nutrition, mental health, fitness and spiritual health.

Personal experience has shown me the dangers of slipping into mind-numbing routines and sliding into thoughtless habits that slowly and inconspicuously steal our health, our energy and ultimately… our lives. But that’s a story for another time.

Let me just say I know firsthand how easy it is not to notice we are always putting off our goals and dreams till tomorrow. We are just too tired or don’t have time and then we wake up one day and realize tomorrow never came. I don’t want that fate for anyone and that is why I became a coach.

All women deserve to overflow with abundant energy, wake up excited and go to bed satisfied and health is the foundation and catalyst to this level of living. 

My goal as a coach is to make sure my clients have the foundations in place so they have the energy and vivaciousness to throw all the paint they can on their canvas. I want my clients to have the foundations in place to allow them to laugh and play and dance and build a life they can truly relish.

My goal as a human is to make sure I am doing all those things 🙂