Welcome to my blog!

I’m a women’s holistic wellness coach passionate about helping other women achieve their health goals.

I embarked on this journey when I was struggling with my own health. It all started because I was feeling frustrated by the outdated advice found in magazines that did nothing to improve my energy levels or clear up skin problems.

That’s when I discovered the nourishing approach of Paleo – focusing on nutrient-dense foods rather than counting calories or monitoring weight – which helped me unlock energy levels I didn’t know existed! I am not purely Paleo anymore, but that experience taught me a lot about the power of great nutrition.

But it wasn’t all about nutrition;

Self-care, fasting, rest, time in nature and meditation were just as important for healing on a cellular level too!

To share this journey with others so they could enjoy the same benefits that I had experienced, I enrolled in the Integrative Women’s Health Institute where I learned how to coach others towards better health.

Since then, life has drastically changed: My partner and I now have two girls – our younger daughter diagnosed with Charge Syndrome – which has been incredibly challenging, but equally as heartwarming every day. This experience has inspired me even more to help guide other women around the world working through difficult times to reach their goals of living a healthy life.

I’m so excited to be able to share my journey with you all and offer you support if you’re facing challenges in your health journey!